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Skylight Dying - Damian Sitaram Johari
SKYLIGHT DYING chronicles the history of an extra-terrestrial virus, ‘AE1’, through the eyes of Samantha Hayes, a member of the CDC’s Rapid Response Team.

Samantha takes us back to a world united in celebration for a rare cosmic event - a collision between two Asteroids, 17,000 miles from Earth. With an unprecedented following, the event culminates in a breathtaking meteor shower, sending meteor fragments to the Earth’s surface.

As the celebration comes to a close, a horrifying truth begins to emerge.

Outbreaks begin to devastate the world as it discovers a highly contagious pathogen among the meteor fragments, which brings our modern societies to its knees, dialing us back from the age of touchscreen devices and social networking to an era of a modern black plague.

Samantha takes us through a journey across the world, following the trail of death and destruction the pathogen leaves behind, with her team forging relationships from Portugal to the ICDC in Israel, in a race against time. While the death toll mounts, the team tries to unravel the mysteries behind this Alien Virus - dissecting its biology and behavior; studying its patterns, mechanisms and capabilities - in an effort to save our species, while witnessing the entire world from Antarctica to the Middle East, falling victim to this biological attack on mankind.

SKYLIGHT DYING is Samantha’s story - From the pathogen’s emergence on our planet, to the global pandemic that follows. Her account of the diversity of opinions, intellect and behavior of our civilization in the face of an unimaginable threat and the vulnerabilities which exist underneath the foundations of our modern societies. It is a story of unraveling mysteries that reach beyond the realm of our imagination, of human perseverance and sacrifice, and a relentless pursuit of our survival.
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DAMIAN SITARAM JOHARI is a Science-Fiction & Paranormal author. He holds a keen interest in investigative biology, social sciences, history and forensic science. He has been an avid researcher in the field of extraterrestrial phenomena and paranormal sciences.

Damian is an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working with a team of multi-mission engineers. He is currently involved with the Mars 2020 rover mission, the Europa Clipper and several other ongoing missions at the Laboratory.

He lives in Southern California with his wife, Brenda and their Siamese mix, Zion.

Damian S. Johari Neo
"The One", Always & Forever.
April, 2007 ~ July, 2018


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